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From: [email protected] (Are Nodland)
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Subject: GIF: Calvin & Hobbes (NEW ones)
Date: 22 Dec 1994 17:01:42 -0600
Organization: Norwegian Institute of Technology, University of Trondheim
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Summary: various gif-conversions of C & H

Okay, this should satisfy every calvin hungry person for a while. It's been
quite some time since I scanned these, and now I finally got around to
convert and post them. And I do so, despite recent discussions whether
gif-conversions are to be considered art :) I don't call myself an artist, I
just know many of  you want these whichever way :-)

This collection contains various/my favorite pictures of calvin, moe (I
haven't seen any of him before) and calvin transmogrifed to a tiger (small)
standing alone and together with hobbes (looking quite puzzeled I might add).

Now some technicalities to show you how this is done.
This first picture is converted with gifscii (you'll find it in the FAQ)

             .XMMLHMX  xx XMf x.
           :Mf"`  MM   MM XM MM#
           MX     XM   MM XXMf
          'MX nMMMMM   `M>XMMnnnx
           4M  4MM!M..H!ML?M(""MM
            '*MMM 'MMMM>"  ""
                                   xn  x
                      xnHM'MM  'MX XM MM
                    :MMM** MM   MM XMMf
                    MM     4M   XM>'M"*Mnx
                   'MX XMMM`M> x/MX Mk   "

                            .  .:   .  .x:<M x
                          :M*! MX  'M <MM"'MMMM
                         X! .xn<M>  M>Xf  'MM~
                          MMMM#`'M"" "   ``*X  `

                                      .: .M>:M
                               MMM'M  XX M  'MMM
                              M    M> 'M<XX 'M*Mk   XMX
        ..                    M MMMMX.xMX?MM'* ?X   MfMX
     xM" ?M>                  'MMMM`*"`    `>  'M  'M 'M>  xM>
    MM   XfM:                               k   M> XM  X> XMM>
   MM   df f ?:                         xM*"^   `" XM  'XXM XX
  XM   M :X   'M:                    .M~                MM~ 'X
 'MMnM# 'M       #k ...            .M~                  #   'X   .xH:
  #MMx    `#h.     #M ?Mx         M"                         X  M" 'M
      `#x.    #x    ?MM" M:  :HMxMM"                         ':M   XX
  %. .   `*XdMMMMM..MMHM*?M~X"   `Mn ..                      '!    XX
    "`      `MX*MMMMMMMMMXM:!       Xf                             M>
   . .        `?h?MMMMMMMMM?MM.     `HHn>                         <M
                 `MHnX?*MMMMMMX?"                        X        X :X
                      4M2Mh(*M:MMM*                    . 'M         M>
                          .:"MMMM                      ?L X~       Xf
                          MML  X>                       "         '"XM
                          'MM  `L                                  <"
                           ?MM:                       ...          xMh
                            M>?X                       `"*:     .Hx
                          ..MMMMM:                        MLHMMhXM>#k
                          `M(<MMMXM:               M     `M>    #
                           'MMdM?fxMM             .XMnxxMM
                            'MXMM(x<MM       ..!""` ``""
                             XMMMM`"*MX. :..XMkx.
                             XMM( "%x.`"*X  "x  'Mk..
                            xM"  "n.  "%.  %:  ?"X~'!"MHn.   xhx
                           <" `"%.  `%.  `%: `:"X>:f M XM  <! :M .
                          X%n.     "x. `%.  "M!df)f X.X"`"#M  Mf` M
                       ..X     ^"x.   "x  `MnMSMMf`XXMMMhx      xM~
                        M`^""%nx.  `"x  '%xMMMMMMMMkMf  M      ``M>
                      .M*%+xx.   `"hx. "%xM"       `"  'h.d"*""MM%
                       ?x.`" `"%x.    ""X
               .     .  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHM
             X MXdM"    ?hMf    ?X^"**M""MMx.:!  .
          '%xdMMMM>      X>      4HH!tMM*" 'MXMMMXHX.xnnx.
                `""MMMMM!`Mx...       ...XM" #*".MMM?Xn"?Xn!"
                             ``"""""""""`` .   `MMM"`   `"    :nHnx